Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sports (Cause and Effect Essay)

Sports are popular in the United States. Kids, teenagers and adults are all participating; whether it’s for themselves or for their parents. But why join a sport when it’s not required? Simple, we join for the variety of positive mental, physical and social effects sports offer.
As kids, sports allow us to feel like we belong to something bigger and greater than our family. We feel like people are depending on us. Consequently, we find our friends, known as teammates. Sports teach us how to give ourselves self-respect; in return we learn how to respect others. Responsibility is also learned through playing sports. We’re responsible for making it to practices and games. We also feel good about ourselves through our accomplishments (Williams).
On the other hand, we could only be playing sports to make our parents happy and keep them off our backs. Parents could also not be very supportive of how well we are doing and only want us to be in a sport because of the chance of getting a full scholarship to college. When parents do these things it is putting extra pressure on the athlete. It also makes an athlete afraid to make a mistake for fear of letting down their parents (Williams).
Sports contribute to a person’s well being. By being physically active through a sport or other activity we are reducing the risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, and some cancers. Being active also help us with weight management and respiratory function (The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports). Playing sports also develops muscles and improves stamina. Physically fit people can exert themselves longer and put more stress on their bodies while working out. They can also work out over a longer period of time without becoming severely fatigued.
A youth playing sports learns how to interact socially through sportsmanship and teamwork. The athlete also learns about the values of hard work, behavior and skills (Mahar). Not only do these qualities aid a person in the sports scene; they help a person in the real world and in future jobs they may have or want to get. Employers who see sports listed on a resume will automatically assume that a person knows and has the quality of good sportsmanship and teamwork, and knows how to work hard on the job and be persistent. Consequently, the employer may choose to hire a person who played sports over a person who has never played sports.
Playing sports can also relieve stress. A highly stressed person can go out on the court or playing field and play or practice their absolute hardest. While their doing this they aren’t thinking about anything but what they’re doing at the moment. When their done they will have let some of the anger or worries or what ever was stressing them go and feel rejuvenated.
Through all the physical, mental, and social effects playing sports gives us in our everyday lives there’s still one main reason we choose to participate in them: we love it and we think its great (Hilgers). We like everything a sport has to offer and we, in turn, live off it. We wouldn’t be the same it there was no participation in sports.

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